About Stalwart Consulting

Why Stalwart

To embody Stalwart is to personify strength, dependability, hard-work and loyalty. At Stalwart Consulting these are the attributes we would like to exemplify as a firm, as professionals, and as individuals. This is why we adopted the Stalwart name as our own and would invite you to experience the same.

Who we are

Stalwart Consulting is a management consulting firm with headquarters in Ottawa, Canada and London, UK. While initially developed as a management-centric consulting firm, in our brief history, and through the expertise and direction of our professionals we have diversified into a variety of other disciplines.

Currently we are able to offer expertise in a multitude of corporate services such as change and project management, research, communications, finance, insurance, digital media, and information technology development,  across an array of fields and industries.


At Stalwart Consulting we believe in cooperation, mutual benefit, and most importantly putting qualified people in a position to succeed. We do so by having preliminary discussions with all of our potential partners to understand their goals, motivation, and interests prior to discussing any particular contract or bid. This translates into personal and career building opportunities for our partners, as well as a highly motivated and stimulated partnership base for Stalwart.

Primary amongst the myriad value sets that potential business partners can expect from Stalwart are the following.

We have four key values that guide our business at Stalwart:

Trust - We at Stalwart believe that a staple to any successful business relationship is giving all parties the confidence to rely on one anothers' mutual interests. When entering cooperative contracts with Stalwart,  it is important to us that you always expect that your best interests and pre-defined goals will be a primary consideration when exploring potential opportunities.

Loyalty - It is important to Stalwart that all personnel working with, for, or on behalf of the firm be able to perform the operations for which they were contracted, while empowered with knowledge of Stalwart support when faced with internal and external pressures. That is to say, that Stalwart believes that inspiring every professional collaborating with the firm with the confidence to perform their contracts, and providing the professional support systems necessary to successfully complete their terms, as tantamount to our mutual success.

Respect - Stalwart believes the free exchange of ideas and information to be transformative in the maturation of any successful collaborative venture. We steadfastly maintain that such a free exchange can only be experienced in an arena where respect and open conversation are not only encouraged, but set as the foundation to every business collaboration. To this end, all Stalwart partners practice active and frequent communication with our collaborators, in addition to having a permanent open-door policy.

Collaboration - Stalwart believes, given the above values, that collaboration will always win over competition.  Collaboration is absolutely necessary to facilitate mutual best interests, and the free exchange of ideas.

What we can do for you:

We can search for mutually beneficial opportunities.  We can find people who need your skills and help build a lasting partnership.