Frequently Asked Questions

The managing partners of Stalwart believe in developing trust and understanding before engaging in business relations. If you are interested in pursuing your professional career via Stalwart, one of us would be happy to meet with you to discuss your interests, values and experiences. This is so we can better accommodate your workplace satisfaction and professional development, once we bring you into the Stalwart family and seek opportunities on your behalf.

We at Stalwart understand the difficulties associated with finding purposeful and gainful employment as a young professional in the modern market. Stalwart can meet with you, add you to a pool of other professionals and seek opportunities on your behalf and provide consultations. Our team will work with you to find ways for you to develop the skills best needed for the career path you identify and allow you a chance to hone your professional acumen through a variety of support roles where you will have the opportunity to work with some highly regarded and experienced professionals in your field. We believe that these experiences will be integral to your career development with Stalwart.

We began our business by concentrating within the public sector, bidding primarily on Government of Canada tenders relating to professional services. Within a year we expanded into other industries, upon investigating and developing concrete go-to-market strategies for other avenues of the market where we recognized strong demand for the skills and services offered by Stalwart Consulting and our partners. Whilst government contracts still form an integral part of our business, we are by no means limited, and continue to expand our services to the private and NGO sectors.

Currently, Stalwart is not hiring internally. What we can offer, is support to help you find a contract suitable for your own skills. Both of us will be putting in the time to help you find a road into applying your knowledge and capabilities with Stalwart. If you are keen to work with Stalwart teams on potential opportunities with other companies, please get in touch via our CV submission page, tell us a bit about yourself, and become an associate of the Stalwart network. Over time, this is generally how people find their way into becoming full consultants and specialists with Stalwart.

Stalwart operates with a wide base of professionals from a diverse background. The best way to understand the difference is to get in touch and start looking for your next opportunity with us. We work closely with individuals and will teach you core skills to get to your professional goals quickly. If you are working for a client with Stalwart, you will be doing so as a member of Stalwart, and working on teams that you may well be working with for many years to come. This is why Stalwart is much more of a community, rather than a database of faceless resumes that we sell access to. We will work as hard as you do to integrate you into our team as quickly as possible.

We are adept at finding opportunities for those keen to look for them. For other companies or individuals already working elsewhere, we actively work to build functional partnerships and look for avenues to cooperate. Often we have opportunities for contracts or other client work available that other companies might not have come across, either because they would not typically look in the same places, or because they would be missing a key part of realising that project. We can help companies take on business they never would have considered before. If you are a part of a firm that might like to work with one of our teams, or explore other ways to cooperate or build ongoing working relationships, please send an email for one of our managing partners, their contact info is available here. They are always happy to sit down and explore how we can work together.